We offer competitive prescription services, including PBS and private prescriptions.

Please note: After purchasing a ‘Prescription Product’ you must email your electronic prescription to, or post the original prescription given to you by your doctor to: Blakes Pharmacy 20 Darlinghurst Road Potts Point NSW

In accordance with Australian regulations, we can only dispense prescription medicine on receipt of the original prescription written by an Australian registered medical practitioner. There are no exceptions, so if you will not be able to provide us with a prescription written by an Australian doctor please do not submit an order.

All prescriptions must be mailed in to us in order for us to dispense your medication, so after submitting your order online you will need to mail the prescription to us. We cannot dispense your medication until we have received it.

Australia’s health system provides that individuals may pay different prices for their prescriptions. This will be dependent on their entitlements. Each prescription listed on our site may display up to 4 different prices. The price you will pay will depend on your entitlements. The different price categories are: Private, PBS, Concession and Safety Net.

How Do I Use Electronic Prescriptions?

STEP 1. Obtain your electronic prescription from your healthcare provider.
STEP 2. Navigate to and search for your prescription medication
STEP 3. Checkout and pay for your prescription
STEP 4. Email a copy of your electronic prescription to
STEP 5. Blackes Pharmacy will dispense your medication within 1–2 business days and have it delivered to you.

You can email an attached image of your electronic prescription (QR Code) but not traditional paper prescriptions. For paper prescriptions we still require a physical copy to be posted in to: Blakes Pharmacy, 20 Darlinghurst Road Potts Point NSW

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