So why is it a big deal if I’m low in Vitamin D? The big one is Osteoporosis- weak bones and greater chance of bone fractures. I already have the major risk factor for osteoporosis – I’m FEMALE. But asides from Osteoporosis, which in its self is a big deal, a Vitamin D deficiency is also linked with
several cancers especially colon/bowel cancer
Multiple Sclerosis
Heart Disease
Muscle pain- like cramping
Rickets in kids (soft bones)
Mental health issues
Decreases in immunity

The list goes on from here.

There are several other conditions/factors that can actually increase your body’s requirement for Vitamin D, a few of them include:
Pregnancy & Breastfeeding
Multiple sclerosis
Intestinal disorders eg. Chron’s Disease
Low sun exposure- office workers, night shift workers etc
Steroid medication
Dark skin
Insulin dependent diabetes.

So what can we do to increase our Vitamin D levels? Well the first one would be to try to increase sun exposure. Not too much though, melanoma is a major issue in Oz. The best time to get sun is before 11am and after 3pm. To get enough sun your hands, arms and face need to be exposed for about 20 minutes each day, without sunscreen… So it really needs to be outside the harsh time of day for the sun. Some foods contain Vitamin D, like tuna, milk, egg yolks, sprouted seeds, however food alone would not be enough to maintain adequate levels of Vitamin D. There are also STACKS of vitamin D supplements out there. I have 3 favourite of all the ones I have come across:

The Thompson’s Vitamin D Capsules Why do I like these ones so much? They are tiny. Vitamin D capsules are usually not very big but these ones are really small. So these ones are great if you don’t really like taking tablets, or if you are taking a whole heap of medications/supplements and you just can’t take another big one.

Eagle Vitamin D Capsules I like these ones for the same reason as above. I also really like Eagle products. They are an Australian Brand that put a lot of energy into researching their products rather than on advertising.

The Bioceuticals D3 Drops Forte are another great vitamin D product. What’s so great about this one? Well firstly I also like the Bioceuticals brand but secondly, it’s a drop, not a tablet. You can drop it into a glass of water or on to the back of your hand or where ever you like. Each drop has 1000IU (international units) of the stuff you need- which is the recommended dose of vitamin D, unless you are diagnosed as being low in D, in which case your Doctor might recommend taking 2000 IU’s.


I’ve been taking a supplement with 1000IU’s Vitamin D for about 6 months now, for about the first month I took 2 capsules per day, my levels are back to normal. If you are going to exceed 1000IU per day double check with your Doctor or Pharmacist.